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Organic & Botanic Amazonian Berry Renewing Eye Serum


Product Benefits

This Amazonian Berry Facial Serum keeps the skin hydrated, moisturised and rejuvenated. This serum absorbs easily into the skin and is suitable for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin. To avoid waste, the applicator makes it easy to apply just a few drops to the face. 

Product Ingredients:

1) Vitamin B5 keeps skin hydrated, firm and supple, whilst helping the skin heal.

2) Aloe Vera also helps keep skin hydrated and instantly smooths the skin.

3) Echinacea is the perfect ingredient to fight aging skin by reducing wrinkles. It also helps prevent acne and treat inflammation;

Who should use the Amazonian Berry Renewing Eye Serum?

  • Use this product if you have dry skin
  • Use this product to treat acne and inflammation  
  • Use this product if you want to fight aging 


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