How to take care of your skin during lock-down

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Are you among the set of people that see this period as a sort of vacation for the skin from all of those things that harm it daily? Or do you just want to keep your skin in its best form during the current lock-down? You won’t be able to achieve these “skin goals” by holding on to your usual habits and routines. Lucky for you, we've taken the liberty to address some of your concerns within this period below.

Is lock-down the right time to look after my skin?

Wearing little to no makeup with more rest time and no exposure to harmful sun rays and other pollutants sounds like a recipe for the perfect skin.

However, Different people have been observing different reactions from their skin, from natural dullness to dryness or unexpected breakouts – issues a change in routine is sure to address!

The quarantine is actually the best time to start a regimen as you can comfortably go days without makeup, and with the time at your disposal, you can stick to a routine. You can try out different routines a few times to find your skin's best results. Again, I say now is just the time!

What then should my skincare routine look like?

You must have noticed by now that great skin is not simply a matter of DNA, but it also depends on your daily habits. During this period, therefore, it is undeniable that your skincare regimen needs fine-tuning. You should strip your routine to a gentler, simpler one. However, maintain the three basic steps of:

Cleansing: You may want to use an exfoliating cleanser in your routine this period as it shortens the process since it combines exfoliating and cleansing in one step.

Toning: Depending on your type of skin, making use of a hydrating toner will do just fine, balancing the skin and also replenishing any water your skin has lost.

Moisturizing: Here, you use products for hydrating and softening the skin. Basically, moisture makes your face happy, but more importantly, your moisturizer helps trap all the other products in so the ingredients can be more effective.

Face masks: Face masks are great for improving the pores and remove impurities. Face masks can be used for all skin types and you can select one for a particular problem area. For example, you can purchase a hydration skin masks to hydrate the skin further. Face masks are also great for relaxation during downtime and warm baths.

How often should I cleanse my skin?

You will need to cleanse your skin twice daily as being makeup-free for longer periods alone does not guarantee that your skin will not be congested.  Also, frequent washing of your hands all too often leads to dryness and a chapped feeling in the hands. For this, you must also get a good organic product.

What are the best products I should use?

It would be better to use natural products for your skincare instead of ready-made cosmetics as your skin is more sensitive to this period. You must not give in to the temptation to stop using products with SPF in them because you are not leaving the house, as it turns out that UV rays can penetrate glass and can impact you even while you are inside the house.

Do well to get some exposure to light during the day as it is good for your skin health. And don't forget to drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated!


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