The late teens and early twenties are an interesting time for most people as they adjust to adulthood while trying to find their way in the world. For our founder, Camille Simpson, they were her most testing years yet.


Lady looking into mirror

Young, black, female, navigating the corporate world - all while trying to build her confidence and discover who she was. 

Something had to give.

A turning point came when Camille became a mother and being a good role model became a priority for her. She decided to put self-love first and discovered a new-found confidence as she explored different ways to express herself.

Sometimes, it was with a bold red lip. 

Often, it was with yoga and poetry. 

Always, it was self-care.


Then Love Your Beauty was born.

Camille realised that if the simple act of making time for self-care could bring about such profound changes in her confidence levels and her life, every woman could achieve this too. She realised that all they needed was a little reminder to always embrace who they truly are.

So, she created Love Your Beauty to be that constant reminder, through beauty and self-care products, enriching events and thought-provoking content.


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What’s our mission?

We want to be the go-to brand that helps women build their confidence and recognise their power.

We want women to embrace the depths of who they are.

We want to spread the word that self-love is a lifestyle that every woman deserves to partake in.

We want you to embrace, own and Love Your Beauty.