The secrets to getting healthy skin

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We all want healthy skin that is clear, free from marks and spots, but what are the secrets. With celebrities and the wealthy using surgery to achieve thhe perfect skin, what are the things you can do, to keep your skin glowing and smooth?
Is it about changing your diet, the products you use or a regime that is consistent. In this article, we explore different techniques and products, to help you create a process that works for you!
Let's start with the "baby wipe test"? Apply a baby wipe to your skin, and check the colour once you have. Is the wipe filled with make or dirty skin? In fact, how many wipes does it take to remove the dirt and layers of product from your skin. Ultimately, your skin needs to be kept clean, otherwise you run risk of dead layers of skin cells, bacteria, pollutants, viruses and dirt covering your skin. Your skin also becomes dehydrated.
The key products to use in order to keep your skin clean are a good fash wash, cleansers and exfoliating products. When it comes to face washes, do your research, understand your skin type and pick something that is right for you. There are plenty of face washes on the market, and you can usually find a selection of good products in drug  and department stores. Your skin must be washed before bed, in the morning and for atleast 30 seconds. Other key things to remember in order to maintain clean skin is to wash your pillows, your make-up brushes and clean your phone regularly. 
The next task on the list is to use a good cleanser. If you wern't already sure about the difference between face washes and cleanser., a face wash is a foaming cleanser that removes deeper debris, and cleasnes pores,. On the otherhand, cleansers are a non-foaming cleanser that needs to be wiped rather than washed-off, and dissolves make-up and excess oil. Both can go hand and hand, but generally cleansers are used left often, whereas face washes are used daily. The right cleanser will be dependant on your skin type, and some key indegredients to look out for are natural oils, tea tree oil and clay.
Now lets talk about exfoliation. exfoliation is the process of removing dead skins cells by using chemicals, exfoliation tools or granular substances. Though the skin removes dead skills around every 30 days, the dead skin is not always removed and can cause dry, flaky or clog-pored skin. Exfoliation helps speed the process of clearning skin, but is done less frequently that face washes and cleansing. I would always choose a chemical free route with exfoliation, but the choice is down to you and it is important to do your research. 
Another key elements is eating the right foods and water than hydrates skin. Foods good for the skin are advacados, fatty or oily fish like salmon or mackerel, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and brocoli. Do a quick google search to get yourself a full list, so you can see the foods you like and what you would be willing to eat to achieve hydrated skin. Another key variable is getting the right amount of sleep, give your skin the rest it deserves for healthier, and more glowing skin.
Lastly, I want to talk about moisturing. Moisturising maintains the skin balance, by keeping the skin moist, creating a healthy glow and generating a protective layer. Now the biggest question here is "what type of skin do you have?". If your skin is generally dry, you need a moisturiser that provides a lot of oils, whereas if you skin is generally quite oily, your moisturier does not need to contain as many oils in order to do it's job. Research on Google, how to test your skin type, and be aware that your skin type can change dependant on the environment, hormones and age. 
Skincare is very important when it comes to self care. and great skin does not have to be expensive. It is imprtant for you to do your research, and to discover what works for you. Ths may be a trial and error process, but you will find the right regime in the end.
Lastly, we would like to give you a list of moisturises that are customers have recommended and we agree that they are definitely food buys!
Cocoa Butter
Shea butter
Johnson baby lotion
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