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Even though it may seem like forever before we finally reach January 2023, but it'll be here in no time.


Right now, we are looking out for skincare trends, so we don't get caught unawares. To be clear, we're not talking about some old skincare or beauty trend. We want to know exactly what new skincare trends will be obtainable next year so that we can be as on-trend as possible.


Here on the blog, we analyze our private trends report so that you'll be ready for January in the best possible way. We're ready to put our best skin forward.

Keep reading to learn more about these cutting-edge trends...




This trend will continue in 2023 and beyond, just like in 2022. Keeping the planet healthy and discussing long-term sustainability issues will become even more crucial. The need for eco-friendly skin care products that can be reused or have less packaging is growing. Companies that make and sell skincare products would prefer to use alternatives to plastic that are better for the environment.




Supplements are well known to help our bodies feel stronger and absorb components we lack. Our skin's health can also benefit significantly from the vitamins our bodies absorb.

What are the main ingredients that are added to skincare products? Vitamins, of course! For instance, vitamins C, D, and E all help to improve healthy skin and the skin's ability to repair itself.



Do you think men are not interested in caring for their skin? At least, not anymore! The health of their skin is essential to men as well.


Brands have realized the value of products made exclusively for men's care, including those that help improve skin hydration, cleansing, and beard care. This skincare market trend is expected to increase even further in the coming years.


TREND #4 - Skincare Devices

There has been a rise in the demand for skincare gadgets on the market. Some of the most popular skincare products are face massagers, face masks, and acne treatment devices.

These devices are made to be used at home instead of going to a dermatologist's office or spa for treatments. This saves time and money.




Finally, skin minimalism, also known as skinimalism, is a relatively new skincare market trend that is expected to really take off in 2023. There is still work to be done in the search for effective, simple, and pure consumer-facing formulations.


It was possible to get by without using things like lipstick and eyeliner, as well as fewer items meant to keep the skin looking radiant and healthy, throughout the pandemic. In 2023, this trend will still be about being natural, which means not using extra products and focusing on our natural beauty. The concept of skin care as part of the skinimalism movement goes beyond just applying makeup. It's more about using fewer, more versatile items rather than more numerous ones.


Moisturizers, ointments, masks, and creams are now made using only the most essential ingredients. When the same outcomes can be achieved by using fewer ingredients, there's no reason to clog up a formula with unnecessary ones.


For skincare and associated future skincare market trends, less will always be more.

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