Why essential oils should be part of your skin care routine and how to use them

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Why essential oils should be part of your skin care routine and how to use them?

We’ve all heard of essential oils at least once in our lifetime. In the past years their popularity has grown immensely, and while some people even joke about essential oil users for attributing their health only its use, the reality is that essential oils are actually a great thing we should all implement into our lifestyle.

Essential oils contain the most nutritious and beneficial part of plants at great concentration. They are extracted from different parts of plants (seeds, barks, stems, etc.) and contain properties that can benefit us in many ways, as well as having amazing aromas.

There are many ways you can use essentials oils, like in a diffuser or mixing them with other substances like soaps, water and oils and still get their benefits and properties. The reason behind this is that since they tend to be in highly concentrated doses, some essential oils can irritate your skin and cause some reactions if you apply them directly on your skin.

So which oils are completely safe to apply topically and do not need dilution?  Today, we are going to give you a list of some of these essential oils, which are also referred to and classified as “neat oils”, and why they should be part of your new skin care routine. Let’s get started!


3 natural oils you can use on your skin without dilution

To use any of these, the best option is to apply some oil into a cotton and rub it over the areas you want to treat.

Lavender: Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, it helps fight the bacteria that causes acne. You only need to apply some oil with the help of a cotton ball in the area where you have acne and it will reduce the swelling. In addition, you can mix it with anti-acne masks for a more optimal result. Lavender oil also acts as a skin revitalizer and helps regenerate cells and keep tissue firm.

For its balancing and relaxing properties, it is highly recommended for oily skin. In addition, it helps kill skin bacteria, cleansing and healing without clogging pores. You can apply lavender at night before you go to bed. On top of everything, it also acts as a moisturizing tonic!

Sandalwood: One of the most valued properties of sandalwood oil is the ability to capture free radicals that originate in our bodies responsible for cellular aging. The regular application of this oil on the skin prevents it from getting infected or deteriorating easily. You can apply it on sensitive areas to avoid reactions such as in corners, elbows or areas vulnerable to eczema.

Sandalwood oil is a fantastic ally for reducing skin marks such as scars or stretch marks. It is recommended to apply it once a day after a shower. Simply rub the oil in the affected areas.

Frankincense: It is a must-have in any skincare routine that includes essential oils. It has anti-inflammatory, dermo protective, antiseptic and astringent properties. It maintains the hydration of the skin making it ideal for mature skin as it has rejuvenating qualities and toning effect.

Frankincense oil also helps stop the appearance of wrinkles and reduce existing ones. As well as support cellular function, so it's often used to soothe skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes. By incorporating it in your hair care it will help to achieve a silkier and shinier hair, with a healthier look.

Even though these oils are safe to apply directly on our skin, there is always a possibility someone with extreme sensitive skin can have a reaction. If you see any unusual redness or irritation, the best you can do is to simply dilute it with another oil or water next time you use it. Opposed to what many people think, diluting an essential oil doesn’t remove its properties or make it less effective, so don’t worry!


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