How to make room for change

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Criticism is hard to swallow.

Usually, we feel that lump in our throat and bounce back with a defensive statement, allowing that information to go elsewhere to prevent a disruption in our thought pattern and regular processing behaviour. Maybe you take it in, nod your head, agree to an extent, but how much of what is said evokes change?


For us to evolve in this word, we need to elevate.

In order to elevate, we have to embrace change; to embrace change, it is important for us to detect the positive and negative thoughts, patterns, behaviour and characteristics that exist within us to move forward. Only then can we become our greatest versions. This will be an ongoing process throughout our lifetime.


Criticism is healthy.

it may not always be true, but we are presented with an opportunity to rationalise the information that has been given, be honest with ourselves and potentially sow seeds that allow us to grow further than we’ve done before.


Before criticism can be digested, you have to have a growth mindset.

If your mindset is fixed, you cannot advance to another level, because you are not making room for change. We can stick with the notion “I am what I am”, or we can acknowledge new ideas, new ways of thinking, changing our routines, all with the aim of doing better and being better. The world changes every day: technology advances, job demands change constantly, fashion changes, music trends change, so why as individuals should we remain fixed in our identities.


The bottom line is that you have to see your flaws in order to weed them out and become your greatest version. Whether you can see them yourself or others point them out to you, don’t always see it is as a bad thing.


One love, peace!

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