How to Look After Your Skin in the Summer

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 Summers can be a beautiful, fun, and enjoyable time of the year, but they can be brutal, too, especially for your skin. When the temperature goes up, the high humidity and heat can make your oil glands hyperactive, which eventually leads to excessive sebum around the T-zone, rashes, and premature signs of ageing. On top of that, too much exposure to the sun can cause sunburn, which can be painful and very harmful for the skin; and it is not pretty.

This is why your first line of defense NEEDS to be a proper skincare routine. We have prepared some tips and tricks that are going to help you take care of your skin, even during the hottest time of the year. Keep reading.


Enrich Your Skincare Routine with Antioxidants

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Summertime is the perfect time to invest in moisturizers, serums, and sunscreens that come with added antioxidants. A good example is vitamin C, which protects your skin from environmental damage, boosts collagen development, and prevents wrinkles. Skincare products that are loaded with natural antioxidants and natural extracts can also help reduce inflammation and repair your skin, giving your skin that perfect summer glow.


Apply Sunscreen Regularly

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This step is the essential step in anyone’s skincare routine, and it cannot be skipped or forgotten. Sun protection for all of your exposed body parts is necessary whole year-round, but it is especially important during the summer. Excessive UV exposure can cause painful sunburn, permanently damage your skin, create fine lines and wrinkles, and even lead to skin cancer, so make sure to slather your face, hands, legs with has a broad UV spectrum (at least SPF 30) sunscreen at least twice a day.


Stay Hydrated

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Drinking plenty of water is always important, but it becomes even more important in the summer when you are sweating more than ever. You should try to carry a water bottle with you wherever you go. Drinking plenty of water is going to keep your body and skin hydrated, flush out toxins from your body, and help you feel refreshed.


Go Easy On Makeup

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You should try a minimal approach to makeup during the summer months. When the weather gets very hot and humid, your skin needs a chance to relax and breathe, and cakey makeup is going to make that task very hard. So, when it gets hot, try replacing your foundation with a tinted moisturizer with SPF, it’s a win-win situation.


Don’t Forget To Exfoliate

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Your skin works very hard to keep itself healthy and heal sunburn or any irritation it might end up with during the hot, summer months. You can make this process easier for your skin by exfoliating it gently. Regular exfoliation will help remove the dead skin cells, which will leave your skin looking healthy, glowy, and radiant.


Hydrate Your Body with a Lotion

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We tend to concentrate on the skin on our face, and we often forget the skin on our body, but it needs care too. Summer is the perfect time to pack away your thick winter body butter and replace them with more light summery lotions. And make sure to get it in a scent that you enjoy, because nothing says summer more than a light, fruity smell of lotion on your skin.

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