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There are several skincare tricks and hacks and an uncountable number of skincare products available on the market. They all promise amazing results and benefits for your skin, but it does not matter how good they are if your basic beauty routine is not in place. Once you get a grip on these basic beauty rules, you will understand why they are so important. So, to make it easier, we've put together some of the basics everyone should follow when it comes to a skincare routine.

Know Your Skin Type and Treat Your Skin Accordingly 

Understanding what your skin type is means understanding what your skin needs. It will make it that much easier for you to find the best products that will work for your skin. Depending on whether your skin is normal, dry, oily, acne-prone, sensitive, or aging, you should be using very different products that are tailored to your skin's needs. Keep in mind that your skin type will probably change with age and some other hormonal changes.

Always Double Cleanse

Double cleansing means washing your face twice with two different products. Whether you wear makeup on the daily or you don't, double cleansing at the end of the day is essential. It will remove all of the makeup, grime, dirt, and pollution that builds up on your skin. Double cleanse will also ensure that your following skincare steps are able to penetrate the skin better. The first cleanser should be oil-based, which will dissolve makeup, SPF, pollution, and sebum on the surface of your skin. The second cleanser should be water-based (like a gel, cream, or foam), which will get rid of impurities like dirt and sweat.


Layer Your Products the Right Way

Layering your skincare in the wrong order leads to some of your products not absorbing into your skin properly. The general rule is to go from the most lightweight products to the thickest ones. 

Start the routine with double cleansing, then exfoliate or do a mask if you need to. Next, apply a toner, which will remove impurities and dirt your cleanser may have missed around your neck or hairline. After that, apply any spot treatments or essences. Then, apply serum and then use your eye cream. After the eye cream, apply moisturizer. As the last step, use a face oil – this should be the last step because face oils create a protective barrier on your skin.

Exfoliate Regularly

When we say regular exfoliation, we mean at least once a week. Regular exfoliation will remove all of the dead skin cells that block your pores and help with skin cell renewal. Sticking to this routine basic will clear out dead skin and dirt, and it will also allow for other products to penetrate deeper into the skin and instantly brighten your complexion. Some exfoliators, like AHAs, can also improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines too!

Never Forget SPF

Sunburn is not the only damage that the sun can do to your skin. The truth is much worse: the sun is literally destroying your skin every time you feel it on your face. The UVA rays that penetrate the skin damage its collagen, which leads to deep wrinkles and sagging skin. Leaving the house without sunscreen on your face, neck, and hands is a bad idea, even if the day is cloudy. 

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