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Crystals, minerals, gemstones and rocks have long held a fascination for us humans, and with good reason. Not only do these little beauties look good, in jewellery, as carvings, as worry beads, eggs or paperweights, their unique abilities to heal and energize make us feel good when they are around.

Each crystal vibrates at its own frequency, as does every single thing in the known Universe, including us. The frequencies emitted by crystals have a way of seeking out similar frequencies when we use them for healing or cleansing the atmosphere. This brings in their positive vibrations which can clear negative or unwanted energies and replace them with vital, positive ones.

There are some crystals that you really should not be without, and it is easy to incorporate them into your daily life, and to reap the benefits.


Clear Quartz

This is one of the most commonly occurring crystals on the planet. You can buy it cheaply, and you can pick it up from the landscape or beaches for free. It is a super healer crystal that tunes into the needs of the recipient and swiftly begins to work on whatever is in need of healing, both emotionally and physically. Place pieces of this marvellous crystal all around your house, carry a small piece with you, or treat yourself to some jewellery made from Clear Quartz in order to access its superpowers all day.


Rose Quartz

This beautiful delicate pink stone is a must if you want more love in your life. It makes lovely candle holders, pendants and bracelets and will keep your Heart centre open and clear of negative energies. Whether you wish to call in new love, or to be more open to receiving love from a Higher Source, keep Rose Quartz near you all day.



This stone has a wonderfully soothing effect on the mind and emotions. It is good to keep a piece on you when you are facing challenging times, and when you are longing for some inner peace. Amazonite is also an “abundance” stone, which you can program to encourage more love, money or anything else into your life.


Black Tourmaline

Be sure to incorporate a piece of this crystal into your daily routine to keep you firmly grounded and aware of the world around you. It will anchor your energies into the beneficial energy flowing from the planet and dispel any fears you may have about your material needs being met.



This sunny yellow crystal will benefit you in many ways. Firstly, it is the most effective wealth stone you can use. Keep a small piece in your purse, wallet or cash box to ensure that you always have enough money to meet your needs. Secondly, because it is a healing crystal for the Solar Plexus, it will keep this chakra balanced and cleansed, removing negative energy and blockages. When this chakra is in balance, we are able to access our personal power in a confident, happy and productive way. Citrine encourages a strong sense of self-worth.

You can put these stones, and others of course, into a small pouch or bag and carry them with you all day. Their energies will protect you, keep you focussed and support you in all that you do.  

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