Glamming up during quarantine

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We are already over a month into quarantine and settled into the couch potato life. There are so many highs and lows that come with self-isolating, and it’s been an emotional roller coaster for most of us. Living through a pandemic is not something any of us thought we would see in our lifetime, and seeing so many lives being lost, people out of work and those on the front line protecting us all, puts life into perspective and hopefully makes us all a little more grateful for the things we do have.

The days of meeting up with friends and family are paused, the occasional outings and shopping trips are on hold, the cheeky restaurant trips are a no go and beauty treatments at the salons are out of the window. Nails, hair, threading, waxing, facials, and the rest are all out of bounds for many of us, and beauty technicians are the envy for us all. So many women have taken to YouTube and Instagram to learn new skills that can get them beauty jobs easily once this is over, and for the rest, the usual external self-care has gone out of the window.

The great upside is that many of us are wearing less makeup, our skin is breathing and not exposed to the air, so now is a great time to get that skincare glow up. You can check out our recent post here on how to care for your skin during the lockdown. However, with the lack of our usual routine and less maintenance, it can be hard to stay motivated, get through your day, and enjoy it. These days, the only thing we can look forward to is the trip to the groceries!

Our solution ladies is this, put on your makeup, wear your best clothes, some heels if you must, and a bold lipstick, accompanied by your favourite music artists, some dancing in the mirror, and lots of laughs. Sometimes, we need that feel-good hit to keep us going and get us through the crazy times. This doesn’t mean you have to wear make up every day, and it doesn’t mean you have to primarily look good to feel good. Every woman has the right to feel sexy, to feel good about their body, and enjoy their shape, features, and smile. The recent #dontrushchallenge was a great example of that, and the unity and love that was created was phenomenal.

Times are tough, and before we can show love to anyone else, we must show love to ourselves, and we need to nurture our physical appearance just like we look after ourselves internally. During this time, remember to stop and be thankful for the little or a lot that you have. Appreciate your skin, your features, and your body. Wear that lipstick to the kitchen or some lashes, do whatever will make you feel good and keep you going through your day.  

So, our challenge to you is to glam up, put on your face, your lips, your heels, your favourite Beyonce tune, or whatever else is going to get you moving and dance. Look after you, pretty lady!


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