Igniting your passion in a noisy world

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ust before you think this is one of those posts where the writer hits you with a story of how they were walking on the road and happened to have an epiphany and their lives changed, we would like to let you know that this post seeks to help you know just how much you can do with self-love, how all of the resources you need can be found within and just how you can reach for those resources, becoming a version of you that is better than what you or every other person in your life ever imagined.
You can agree with anyone who states that the world is noisy. With the advent of social media, more noise emanates each passing minute and it is becoming ever so hard to remain yourself in a world that is so full of relentless voices, striving to be heard. How do you find your passion in a world where everyone is determined to make their voices louder than yours? How do you make yourself heard in a place where you need your voice to count, your cause heard, and your thoughts shared?
We will be discussing some practical actionable steps that have helped other women just like you. After all, they say that experience is the best teacher!
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone: You may ask, “how does this help you find your voice in a noisy world?” we daresay this is even where you need to start from. Your inability to look beyond the safety net you have created for yourself would make you feel the pressure that comes with these noises, makes you feel a little unloved and gradually, you find yourself in a pattern that doesn’t leave too much room for growth! Step out today!
  • Explore new ventures and interests: It takes a critical evaluation of yourself to be able to realize whether you are even toeing the right path. The noises of this world would keep derailing you when you are not walking in your purpose. Step out into the world, explore new interests while challenging yourself, let your knowledge take roots in versatile ways, this way, you find yourself and when you speak, you speak with a voice people want to listen to, when you act, their noises leave you unbothered.
  • Give yourself a chance: Sometimes, we do not allow ourselves to grow, we get drowned in challenges because we place to many neck-cutting conditions on our necks, so much that some people do not even have time to unwind. You feel as if the moment you take a break, the world would come crashing down, cut yourself some well-deserved slack! Not taking a break won't help you find your passion and it certainly doesn't mean the world would come crashing. Explore! Learn! And most importantly, live! 
  • Self-love: Love, they say, is the greatest gift of all. Imagine giving yourself the greatest gift of all. Loving yourself helps you come to terms with things you cannot change, fighting tooth and nail to rewrite and change the things you can. Ultimately, when you love yourself, your purpose regardless of distractions from people would begin to unravel itself to you.
Never let the noise of the world take over that space of comfort you have the power to create, in the end, your passion and you are all you’ve got!
Comment, share and please let us know how you have found your passions.
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