The key to finding yourself, your purpose and your passion

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Take a moment to describe who you are in 5 words? Now, was that easy?

Was 5 words enough - and how much of it do you whole-heartedly believe?

Are you defined by the labels, the colour of your skin, your age, your experiences, your social status or your financial situation?

More importantly, do you define you? Or have others, and society, been given room to tell you who you are?

For most of us, there is a percentage of the latter.

There is no denying that we are influenced by the media,

the music we listen to, our family, friends and everything else in

this world that has the power to distract us.

So, I have made a point.

You may disagree, but denial is usually the reaction for most.

The real question is - who are you? What makes you tick, what makes

you happy, what do you enjoy, are you defined by words or the actions

you partake?

“I am a happy, enthusiastic, driven, passionate person,

but if you p*** me off, you will know about it”.

An example I conjured up, but I could probably relate to that at some point earlier in my

life and even now, dependant on the situation.

So, on one hand, everything is gravy, but the quote is a perfect example of where

emotions can be triggered by others and you become unrooted from the

foundations that define you.

So, my question then, is how much so are you rooted within yourself,

to allow another being to distract you from you?

From the happy, passionate, driven person you say you are.

Now, don’t get me wrong, no one is perfect, and there are individuals,

situations and scenarios that will impact who we are.

A death for example, is a trigger - a trigger for sadness, pain, loss and

emotional response. My point is, at what point do we reign in our

thoughts, decisions and our reason to move forward in a positive


We cannot define who we are. If we are not rooted and grounded

within ourselves, our convictions will be frivolous and our decisions

will not always create the desired outcomes.

Our beings are more than words, adjective and phrases of no value or

meaning. We all have a purpose and we owe it to ourselves, family,

friends and future generations to do the self-work necessary to evolve

continuously throughout time.

Again, who are you? It starts with education, educating yourself,

spending time with yourself, enjoying your own company, being in tune with

nature and the world around you - not just your iPhone or Samsung

Galaxy 8, but the physical, mental and soulful experiences.

You have the tools. Only you can change the world around you.

The lottery may help, but the chances are slim to none, and even

those with monetary status are still stuck in mental conflict, emotional

traumas and stress.

I urge you to look in the mirror and ask yourself, who you really are.

One love, peace!

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