The Beauty Within

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How can you ooze beauty when your health is unbalanced and your mind is clouded with unpleasant and distracting thoughts? We are constantly bombarded with media and content that insinuate beauty is about your skin colour, your shape and how good your outside image looks. Furthermore, ideals are created about what beauty looks like and the way you should look to fit in within those fake brackets.

It is hard to be authentic in a world entrenched with virtual reality and regurgitated fakery, but we are all authentic and original, it is about tapping into the power within and searching for the person you are meant to be rather than who the world expects you to be.


Stand and be you. Be clear in your decisions, stand firm in your opinions and steer your ship the way you want to. Don’t let your mind be distracted with unnecessary commentary, things that do not serve you and weigh you down. Your health is your wealth, your body is a temple and you should treat it the way it deserves. Love yourself wholeheartedly, get to know the person inside of you and tell yourself about yourself. Positive affirmations will reaffirm who you are and stop you from going outside of yourself. So, remind yourself who is Queen, and steer your Queenship.

Harnessing your beauty from the inside out will allow you to live abundantly. You will begin to see the beauty in all things and people, even of that which is ugly, tainted or filled with negativity. Once you are rooted, it will be nearly impossible for anything or anyone to sway you in any direction without your say so. You will see things for how they are, and it will be impossible for the world to change you.

There are many things that are wrong about this world, but there is so much beauty too. So tap into your inner being and find the goddess within you!

Self love

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