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If you could speed up a process, what would you do? Add some extras 000s to your bank account, move from one place to another rapidly or maybe even skip a few years and jump from a broke 23-year-old to the wealthy 29-year-old! Unfortunately, as far as I am aware, no wands exist to allow us to do any of those things instantly. We live in a world where instant gratification is the new normal, it is indoctrinated in us that time is precious, we crave the latest and greatest, and poof, the instant buzz wears off as quick as it came.

The western world is making us move faster and faster, but when do we stop to digest anything, think deeply about anything or make thoroughly thought through and heart-felt decisions about the moment, the past and the future. Do you remember 10 amazing things you did in the last two months? Do you remember what you had for dinner yesterday? And how did you feel today compared to yesterday?

We need to get out of the fast lane ladies; it is time to start appreciating life, allowing nature to take its course and STOP skipping processes.

Firstly, seeking knowledge and self-learning is the key to an elevated state of self; just because you left school years ago does not mean you should not educate and stimulate your mind. This should be an ongoing life process which will ultimately allow you to broaden your horizons, make smarter decisions and move positively towards your destined destination.

Secondly, set goals, plan, not just for this week, but months and maybe even years ahead. That DOES NOT mean you need to plan your whole life but create steps and processes that allow you to make meaningful achievements in a smart and sensible way.

Thirdly, connect with yourself, connect with nature and connect deeply with the people closest to you. Have intimate and meaningful conversations, open up your heart and let people in. Reflect with yourself, so you know how to think better, do better and react better in every situation that life throws at you. Acknowledge the world around you, sit outside and observe nature, and preserve how it makes you feel. Be appreciative for the positive elements in your life and take steps to eradicate the negativity in a positive and forward-thinking way.

Lastly, understand that everything takes time, don’t rush things, don’t skip steps, because you end up missing the vital lessons and moments you were meant to see. The fast lane is great for a short period, an instant high which gives you an awesome and overwhelming feeling, but sooner or later, you will realise that sustaining that high requires long-term thinking and a long-term process.

Don’t be fooled, time is not precious, precious is the time!

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