Choosing the right lipstick colour for the right occasion

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When it comes to stepping out the house, wearing a good lipstick is essential. Lipsticks gives your outfit a finished style, a daring look and the right vibrancy to go about your day. The best thing about lipstick is that it can be a substitute for a full face of makeup, as it creates vivacity and a beautiful glow. In this article, we will talk about the right colours for the right occasion, so you can create the perfect look for any event.


Let’s start with your everyday work attire. One colour you need to have in your collection for work is a nude. Wearing a nude lipstick creates a subtle and professional look. With vibrant outfit colours in the summer, nude lipstick creates the perfect balance, and can be worn with virtually any colour. Nude lipstick gives your lips a refined finish, whilst creating a natural ambience.


Bright red lipstick is a colour that talks enthusiasm, confidence and boldness. Red can be worn on any occasion, and is perfect for nights out with friends, and casual outings during the day. Red lipstick is a girl’s best friend, and brightens up your whole look without needing a great deal of makeup. Matte lipsticks in particular, are generally well pigmented, giving you a striking look, which lasts for hours. Our Red Roses lipstick from our love your lips collection, last for the whole day, allowing you to drink and eat without needing to top up your lipstick.


Deep darker reds emphasise passion and love, and are great for elegant night wear, date nights, extravagant evenings and winter weddings. When looking for a lip colour that oozes class and sophistication, a deep red is a must. Deep reds create a statement, and more prominence to your lips. If you are looking for a colour that creates a difference, a deeper red is definitely it. Our Red Romance Liquid Matte Lipstick is eye-catching and glitzy, and is highly recommended for stylish evenings.


The summer go to has to be a lively pink. Pink is definitely the feminine colour of the decade, and it emphasises fun, good energy and warmth. Pink lipstick is perfect for any occasion, and is great for work, festivals and summer weddings. Pink lipstick communicates love, sensitivity and tenderness, so wearing a pink creates a great statement. All in all, pink lipstick is playful, pretty and full of life and a must wear for this summer!


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