LYB's last event catchup & tips on how to apply make up.

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Happy Hump Day Ladies, I hope you all have enjoyed your week thus far.

Last week, we had our 4th Intimate Series Event, and oh boy it was amazing! We had the Girl Boss and mother of one, Brenda J, giving us all the insights into her entrepreneurship journey, sharing details on the beauty of motherhood and her thoughts of sell love and fitness.

We had an amazing workshop on colourism, presented by Emily from @headwraps and lipsticks, where everyone shared their experiences of colourism and even racism. The light at the end of the tunnel was that we were able to connect as sisters, and take away wisdom on how we prosper together and harness self love to overcome anything negative that came our way.

Our final workshop was presented by the amazing Andrea @muazanga, who gave us all the tips and tricks of applying makeup coupled with her personal journey about becoming an MUA, her journey with makeup and the key takeaway to love the skin your in before enhancing your beauty with any form of cosmetics.

For those of you who were unable to attend our workshop, Andrea has given us some tips we can share with you on how to apply makeup correctly to the skin.

Starting with the brows...

  • Firstly, put Concealor on your eye lids and dab with a makeup sponge.
  • Alternatively, you do start with your brows first
  • When starting to draw your eyebrows don’t press too hard on the brush, as the brows can look to harsh. Draw lightly and NEVER start from the beginning of your brow, always start a 1/4 of the way in.
  • Brush it out and use the concealor to shape the type of brows you want. - you need an angle brush for shaping your brows so that the concealer is blended in corrected and no visible concealer lines are left.
  • To get a clean, and immaculate brow, it is wise to get a quality brush set that that has a variety of brushes for different shapes, the brushes are soft and do not remove easily (Check makeup review sets for best buys)
  • Having a quality brush set can also be said for applying eyeshadow
  • Once your eyes are done, you need to apply foundation (I use liquid foundation) once applied, use a slightly darker concealor on the side of your cheeks, side of your nose and the top of your forehead, then blend add a slightly darker foundation powder on these areas.
  • Then apply a slightly a lighter concealor under your eyes, the brim/ bridge of your nose, your top lip, your chin and a small centreted area of your forehead. It is now time to dab and blend.
  • Add setting powder on top of the light concealed area. Setting powder you could use is Ben Nye, which has different tones, or there’s sacha buttercup and many others.
  • After a minute or so, blend the setting powder, as not blending it sooner could make you look ashy.
  • Add blusher on the sides of your cheeks, then add a bronzer on the top of your cheeks after you have blended of the setting powder.
  • Finally, add your lashes and your last touches ups to your foundation powder . Voila, you are done!
  • You can add finishing touches like I.e highlighter under the brow at the corners of your eyes and little to your nose.

We hope you enjoy and please share, like and comment on your suggestions and tips.


Love Your Beauty & Andrea @muazanga

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