21 ways to take care of yourself in 2021

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2020 has been a rough day for pretty much everyone around the world. And while there are many negative things happening that we can’t control, there are still a few that we can. Self-care is essential, both for our physical and mental health, and many people seem to forget that by getting absorbed with these negative situations or simply the stress of their daily life. Taking control of our health in every way, is something we should all aim for. And what better way to do it than during the beginning of a new year? Because who hasn’t heard the phrase, “New year, new me”? Even small things can make big changes! And today we will give you a list of 21 ways to take care of yourself in 2021.

1- Exercise while you watch a show or movie: With lockdowns and social distancing, many people are now even bigger fans of binge watching shows or their favorite movies for hours at a time. The only issue? The body isn’t moving during those hours and in the long run it can cause issues to your body like bad blood circulation. So, try to set a timer every hour or so, to get up and at least stretch or move your legs for a couple minutes. The best part? You can do it while still watching your shows!

2- Drink water as soon as you wake up: Many times, we wake up feeling dehydrated, so drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning will give you the kick you need to start your day.

3- Write down 3 positive things you did or that happened during the day: This will help you focus on positive things instead of negative ones.

4- Learn something new on YouTube: Luckily for us, we live in an era where you can learn anything with the help of the Internet. YouTube, for example, has thousands of different tutorials of handmade crafts, recipes etc. Lurk around for something that interests you and give it a try. Try to set the goal to learn at least something new every month or every 2 weeks.

5- Meditate for 10 minutes a day: Stress can take over our life without even noticing. That’s why clearing our mind is very useful and can help us see things from different perspectives. Take at least 10 minutes a day to relax and clear your mind. Essential oils and relaxing background noises can help for a bigger immersion.

6- Drink the recommended amount of water every day: Another one regarding hydration! Experts say that people should drink at least 2 liters of water a day for a healthy hydration. And for many of us we are lucky if we even drink half of that, so it’s time to make some changes!

There are many ways to improve this like downloading an app for drinking water which gives you reminders during the day, or getting a bottle with time markers and even motivational text to make it even easier and drink water in intervals instead of chugging a huge amount at once.

7- Create a morning routine with a certain drink or food: List which things you wish to improve in your body like better blood circulation, better skin, more energy etc. And do some research regarding which drinks or foods are the best ones to help you with this. It can be something as simple as a cup of a specific tea. Once you have it figure it out, implement it to your morning routine so you don’t forget to take it during the rest of the day. You will start noticing a difference in no time!

8- Buy a plant, flower or small tree: It will not only look beautiful in your home as decoration but taking care of it will fill you with a sense of purpose. Not to mention it’s been proven that plants can stimulate human beings in a positive way.

9- Do some charity: While volunteering can be a bit difficult as of now because of social distancing, you can still do some charity online. Search for a charity that hits close to home, whatever it is. And donate any amount you are comfortable with, of course without putting your own economic safety at risk. Even the smallest amount can make a huge difference and mean a lot for them.

10- Check your posture: People who spend a lot of time sitting down using their computer, their phone or even watching T.V. tend to forget about their posture after a couple hours. Setting an alarm for it, do quick stretches and sit straight every couple hour can be useful to avoid any issues in the future. There are even apps made for this sole purpose!

11- Join the Self-care Sunday gang: Even though it started as a hashtag, that doesn’t mean it should be taken less seriously! Sunday should be synonym of relaxing and taking care of yourself after a long week. It can be as simple as taking a long bath with essential oils, do a full skin care routine to detox, order your favorite food or dessert.

12- Detox from technology: Nowadays, it seems really hard to be away from our phones, and other tech devices. Who hasn’t stayed up past their bedtime just scrolling though Instagram mindlessly? Try to set a specific schedule when you will stop looking at your phone or computer at the end of the day, and try to use that time doing something else like reading a book. It might be a bit difficult at first but you will get used to it eventually.

13- Enjoy breakfast: It’s very common that we are in a rush during the morning because of work, meaning we don’t get to sit down and actually enjoy breakfast. Try to adjust your sleeping schedule or maybe have breakfast almost prepared the night before, so it’s easier to just heat it up and eat it in peace.

14- Don't forget about your feet: We know some places are closed at the moment so pedicures are not a possibility for everyone. But that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil your feet at home. There are affordable Home spa machines for sale that are meant only for your feet and even really cheap feet masks, that look like a thin sock but have many beneficial properties to relax them.

15- Rest your eyes: Like we mentioned before, we spend a lot of time using our phones and computers. Experts recommend that we rest our eyes at least every 30 minutes to avoid eyestrain. Simply take a 20 second break and look at something away from your bright screens.

16- Get some sunlight: Our bodies naturally produce vitamin D when we are exposed to sunlight, which is essential for our bones, blood cells and immune system. Get at least 10 minutes of sunlight a day and always make sure to apply some sunscreen especially if you have sensitive skin.

17- Go for a walk: Stretch your legs and get some fresh air! Even if it’s just a walk around the block it will make you feel revitalized and work out those legs.

18- Explore new podcasts: Podcasts have become really popular over the last years and there are probably thousands out there. Look up for podcasts in a niche that interests you. These are great because you can listen to them while you drive, shower, cook or clean.

19- Create a basic skin care routine: Make a list of things you want to work on your skin and look out for the products with the best reviews that adjust to your budget. If you are more into natural products, there are many alternatives (And probably cheaper) you can opt for. Like homemade face masks, etc.

20- Exercise at home: Gyms are also closed for many people around the world, so why not try to work out in the comfort of your home? Get a comfy mat for the floor and create your own workout routine, or if you don’t have much creativity you can always follow a routine on YouTube. They are very helpful and you can find one that focuses on the area you want to work on.

21- Get some extra rest with a weighted blanket: Probably one of the best creations! Weighted blanket can make such a big difference in how you sleep. Experts say that the pressure increases serotonin, which then becomes happiness and calm, making you feel better while you sleep.

And there you have them! 21 ways to take care of yourself in 2021. These are just a handful of ways, but you can always adapt them to your lifestyle and create your own version. Here’s for a wonderful 2021!

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