How Good Care Practice Can Help Your Confidence

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“I think it's so important just to have confidence in your body. Everyone knows that confidence is sexy, and it's knowing your assets, your strengths, and just playing those up.” - Marisa Miller

Confidence is something that all of us need in our lives, and few of us have enough of. As women, we have a lot of external pressures that makes self-confidence hard. We are expected to look, act, and speak in a certain way, and to do otherwise can cause setbacks in almost every aspect of our lives.


If a woman says, “I want to focus on myself,” to friends or family, it can be seen as selfish rather than an essential step toward better health. In order to change that, we need to change ourselves. Let’s take a look at self-care routines that can benefit your health and boost your confidence.


Paying Attention to Mental Health

Good care practices begin with keeping tabs on your mental health. This means seeing a therapist or doctor if you think you have a mental health problem, but also practicing meditation even when your mental state is good.


Meditation has been a proven method for reducing stress, improving mental health, and even physically growing and reshaping your brain for the better. It’s also something you can do for free and without outside help, which makes it an ideal place to start.

Go Outside

Want to reduce your stress and anxiety while boosting your body image and self confidence? It could be as simple as taking a walk outside. The Japanese even have a name for this activity, Shinrin-yoku, or “Forest Bathing.”

Humans have spent millions of years evolving to spend copious amounts of time in nature, and have only very recently shifted to spending most of our time indoors. The result hasn’t been good for our bodies or our minds, but going outside can change all that.

You don’t even have to exercise to enjoy the benefits—although exercising also boosts body positivity and self confidence.

Pamper yourself

When most people say, “I want to take care of myself,” what they really mean is taking care of themselves the way they often take care of others. Most women don’t think anything of doing laundry for the entire household, keeping the house up, restocking the pantry, and cooking healthy meals for their family, all while working a full time job.

Taking time out to rest, relax, or perhaps treat ourselves to a spa day seems selfish. It’s important to realize that taking time out is not selfish, but just normal needs. If you feel like you really need to put on a facial and relax with a nice glass of wine, doing so may well benefit your health.


Confidence is sexy, but it’s also important for your mental health. Taking time for self-care is a valuable way to spend your time, and will also benefit those around you. When you take better care of yourself, you’re better able to take care of others too, and everyone  benefits.


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