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The infamous line from Beyonce’s Formation speaks so many volumes and echoes in vibration.

Ladies, how many times do you give your time, energy and efforts into matters, people, situations and experiences that do not serve you in the slightest. That there is an energy drain, sucking your life force and depleting your soul of the positivity, creativity and love that you could have spent elsewhere.

We are coming up to the end of 2018, another year has flashed by, carnival has come and gone and before you know it Christmas will be around the corner. When will you start to serve you and if you are, is this consistent and efficient enough to fill your cup to the top of the glass!

To dive a bit deeper, have you considered what your personal life goals are?, do you know what the top 5 things are that make you who you are?, do you know where you want to be in 10 years?, better still, do you know where you want to be right now?!

Lack of clarity will not elevate you and move you to the next levels, it is time to think deeper and be clear on what it is you want, what makes you happy and how you are going to serve you.

We have all be in a space where we are caught in negativity and drama, spending time following what others are doing, what celebrities are doing, what the latest trends are but honestly, you have to put your nose in your own business. Don’t get involved in matters that don’t elevate you, challenge, inspire and empower YOU! DON’T MAKE TIME FOR THAT!

Reign it in and take some time to self love. Love you first, and then serve others where necessary. Start asking yourself some serious questions, get some clarity so you can direct your path and future. Sometimes it isn’t about having all the answers, it is about asking the right questions.

The infamous Beyonce line isn’t about being rich and turning around to boast about these riches, it is about focusing on your own SHIT, to be blunt and direct with you. Keep that energy to fuel the fire in your belly, to move your arse from a to b without hesitation. When you want something bad, you’ll get it, like a new pair of shoes or dress for a particular event. So, let’s put the same energy and motivation into self, please!

With Love!

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